Equal parts wife, mother, and creative enthusiast, I created MAE Mainstream  from a need I felt to share my love for innovative communications and marketing. I knew I wanted to begin an evolving enterprise to help others, but defining a business model was my only obstacle. Luckily for me, my supportive husband challenged me to make it happen -- like he always does. 

What I do for my clients requires flexibility and daily connections. I come from a large family, and we were taught early on that you give and give, and then give some more. Whether I'm with my daughters, family, or clients collaborating, it's always about grace and giving - not perfection. I bridge the gap between a business and its customer base through a unique combination of research, energy, and marketing tailored to suit specific needs.  

Long story short, what to say and how to say it -- that's my mission everyday.


"…what to say and how to say it."